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This is where we keep our stage 1 and stage 2 kits. These are very popular kits. Stage 1 kits have a boost switch where you set the switch to turn on at a specific PSI. Stage 2 kits have a digital controller where the min and max boost are set. As you increase in boost you increase in flow. Tanks are optional on some kits.
Coolingmist Stage 1 (solenoid, s/a injector) PRICE: $279.95  READ MORE
The all new coolingmist stage 1 kit has been re-designed from the ground up to give you the highest performing stage 1, while adding simplicity. The pump has been improved from our 1.0 GPM pump to the 1.3 GPM. The kit now comes with a solenoid with built in fittings and the standard nozzle has been replaced with the super atomizing nozzle. Also, the injector holder is now piece with a compression fitting instead of standard quick connect. This kit is complete with your high pressure tubing, b  CLICK FOR MORE
Stage 1 Deluxe + Tank (solenoid and super atomizing inj) PRICE: $305.00  READ MORE
This is the stage 1 kit that has it all. Powered by our 200 + PSI high pressure recirculation pump and activated by our 1-25 psi boost switch, this kit brings the stage 1 kit to the next level. You can adjust this kit to turn on between 1-25 psi. Our high pressure and high flow recirculation pump will have a nice steady flow without the pulsing you see in other pumps. The CMS1Deluxe kit has a 1 gallon tank and stainless steel solenoid as well as super atomizing injector as standard equipment  CLICK FOR MORE
Stage 1 Snow Mobile   PRICE: $319.95  READ MORE
This is our stage 1 coolingmist water methanol injection kit for your snow mobile. This complete snow mobile water methanol injection kit activates based on boost. The adjustable boost pressure switch turns the high atomizing 250 psi pump on at a user set PSI. The 1 quart tank will fit most snowmobiles. This kit includes a cm5 jet to cover any turbo 2 to 4 cylinder snow mobile. If you do not need the 1 quart tank please email or call us and we will deduct $20 from the price. The tank dim  CLICK FOR MORE
Stage 1 Trunkmount (solenoid and super atomizing inj)  PRICE: $325.00  READ MORE
This is our high pressure standard water injection methanol injection trunkmount kit with high pressure recirculation pump . Choose the injector size from the drop down box or if you dont know, choose your power level and will get you the right one. Atomization is unbelieveable. There is no pulsing in this this pump as it has a bypass instead of a demand pump. In otherwords, you get consistent flow without the pulsing that some pumps on the market have.

our 1.5 gallon trunkmount t
CMGS Stage 2 Progressive Methanol Water Injection PRICE: $499.95  READ MORE
Our CMGS Stage 2 kit has our Version 4.11 digital controller that you can adjust from 1-30 PSI on the start and full boost. If you want 1-100 PSI version choose from the drop down box (please note, the 1-100 version is only available with red display). As you increase in boost you increase in flow. Meant to be simple, this kit offers high performance and a digital display that shows boost in real time as well as vacuum. A fitting for your tank is provided or you can order a tank from us. T  CLICK FOR MORE
CMGS Snowmobile autolearn   PRICE: $659.95  READ MORE
This is our CMGS autolearn kit for the Snowmobile. Injector is setup for all artic cats and forced induction snow mobiles. By default this will ship with a 1 quart tank, however you can get our 2 quart or 1 gallon tank at same price. This kit has a progressive controller that is also a boost/vacuum gauge. The failsafe will tell you at all times if the system is working or if there is a problem. This kit has a stainless steel solenoid for the highest possible performance. This is the best ki  CLICK FOR MORE
Universal CMGS autolearn (Boost/VAC/MAF) PRICE: $659.95  READ MORE
Our CMGS Autolearn Kit is designed to be simple to install, simple to use, high performance and safe. You will not find a better kit on the market. Every part of this kit has been redesigned and enhanced for the best performance without sacrificing safety.

This is a complete kit with every possible bit of reliability, safety and performance built in. Below we will discuss the main parts and how they have been re-designed.

CMGS Controller:This kit has our CMGS
cmgs direct port methanol water injection   PRICE: $699.96  READ MORE
The all new cmgs direct port kit comes with our new cmgs boost / vacuum progressive controller. You can see both boost and vacuum as well as pump dutycycle in real time. In addition, it comes our new 4 port direct port manifold with built in solenoid. the solenoid/manifold and injector fittings have built in fittings to eliminate leaks and other potential issues. If you look at the picture you will see we eliminated many parts by combining fittings and re-designing parts. This makes the sys  CLICK FOR MORE
CMGS Stage 3 MPG Plus PRICE: $799.95  READ MORE

all new!

The all new Coolingmist Boost MPG Plus stage 3 system is designed to get you more power, better fuel economy and lower temperates during all phases of the boost process. The first nozzle is a small progressive nozzle that is designed to turn on as low as 1 PSI using our stainless steel 300 PSI solenoid. This nozzle will give more flow as your boost increases. The 2nd nozzle is larger and will turn on once you reach your MAX boost setting using anoth
1 to 100 PSI Diesel High Flow CMGS Autolearn  PRICE: $899.95  READ MORE

This CMGS version will display boost from 1 to 100 psi and inject within that range. Pump #1 will turn on at your MINIMUM boost setting and work progressive until your MAX. Pump #2 turns on at your max setting and joins pump #1. This is for those of you will a diesel that run alot of boost and need alot of flow. Each pump will run a CM12 injector.

The all new CMGS Autolearn