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Arm/Disarm Switch   PRICE: $6.95  READ MORE
Very High Quality Switch. On/Off positions. This can be used for any of our products. If you choose to use this with your smart injection kit you can wire this to one of the 0-5V inputs and when the switch is in the off position you can make it so one of your stages or one of your devices does not activate. With smart injection you can factor in many inputs, this switch is just an option but not required.  CLICK FOR MORE
relay harness   PRICE: $6.99  READ MORE
This relay harness makes wiring up a relay a snap. Connect this to the relay and you dont need to use spade connectors and your wiring is much cleaner. These can be used for our Smart Injection/DMS controller as well. Your controller will ship with 1 relay harness. If you need more than that please order here.  CLICK FOR MORE
30AMP 12VDC automotive Bosche Style Relay   PRICE: $6.99  READ MORE
30 AMP 12VDC heavy duty automotive relay. These can be used for many things. If you are purchasing a smart injection/DMS controller you will receive 1 relay with it. If you plan on activating any device that is greater than 1 amp you will need one of these for each one.  CLICK FOR MORE
1-25 psi Boost Pressure Switches   PRICE: $29.95  READ MORE
These boost pressure switches are very compact and small enough to fit anywhere. They have both Normally open and Normally closed contacts so they can turn on or off any device.

These are rated at 10 AMPS so you dont need a relay for most applications. These are adjustable with a 5/64 hex wrench. These switches are 1-25 psi adjustable.

From us these are set at 10 PSI when you receive them
20 to 120 psi boost switch   PRICE: $59.95  READ MORE
This is our high range boost switch. Body is made of brass. There is a wheel to select approximate boost range. You can choose from 20 to 120 psi. There are normally open, normally closed and common contacts.  CLICK FOR MORE

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