Universal CMGS autolearn (Boost/VAC/MAF)
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Universal CMGS autolearn (Boost/VAC/MAF)
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Our CMGS Autolearn Kit is designed to be simple to install, simple to use, high performance and safe. You will not find a better kit on the market. Every part of this kit has been redesigned and enhanced for the best performance without sacrificing safety.

This is a complete kit with every possible bit of reliability, safety and performance built in. Below we will discuss the main parts and how they have been re-designed.

CMGS Controller:This kit has our CMGS Autolearn 52MM gauge controller. This controller displays boost, vacuum, pump dutycycle and failsafe status. You set the Start boost and full boost. As you increase in boost you increase in flow. If you prefer, you can inject based on MAF (frequency based MAF 200 to 11,000 hz) or if you are normally aspirated you can inject based on vacuum.

Did you know that there are 2 levels of safety against hydrolock?
  • First, the failsafe box opens the solenoid when its time to inject. This is a seperate circuit from the pump and from the controller. If there is a failure, the solenoid will stay closed. Other kits on the market that use a checkvalve OR if they have the solenoid connected to the pump/controller wires, during a failure the solenoid will open, this is because the controller would open the solenoid at the same time it is telling the pump to turn on.
  • The 2nd level of safety is our FSB...if the system turns on when it should not turn on for any reason....the FSB (failsafe box) will turn the system off and stop it from injecting. If the problem has not been corrected, the system will remain off. No other system has this level of safety.

    FSB (Failsafe Box). This very small robust box reads pump information and sends that information in real time to the CMGS controller. The CMGS stores the information in a table and if the pump is not operating within a known tolerance, it gives you an error code on the screen and you can also configure the CMGS to turn something on or off during that failure.

    Solenoid. This kit has our new 303 stainless steel solenoid that has built in quick connect fittings. These built in fittings eliminate the need to add extra fittings. This prevents leaks, broken fittings or damaged orings. This is the most secure and safe solenoid on the market. This solenoid is a coolingmist exclusive.

    Injector and Injector holder. This kit has our new 1 piece injector holder. The tube fitting and injector holder are combined into one. This allows you to eliminate a fitting which eliminates leaks or other issues with having multiple parts. In addition, the hose connection is not just a quick connect but a compression fitting. This is a hybrid quick connect/compression fitting for the most reliable connection possible. This is a hybrid quick connect/compression fitting for the most reliable connection possible. The super atomizing injector is the best in the business. A 7/16 nut is in the middle of the injector and the size is stamped on the side. The inside has a spiral threaded stainless insert designed to give the best atomization over the simple pill design.

    Tubing: Our tubing is real nylon 11 with perfect thickness wall. We could save alot of money by getting POLY, but we will not risk your car. This is the toughest nylon you can get.

    Pump: Our pump is the high pressure 200 + PSI pump with built in quick connect fittings. These built in fittings prevent problems with leaky fittings, etc. In addition, this pump has been upgraded from the standard 1 gallon per minute to 1.3 gallons per minute. This gives more consistent flow and better volume over the typical pump you see.

    Fuse/Fuse Holder. Even our fuse holder is designed to be easy. Just fold the fuse holder over your wirinig and then press with a pair of plyers. No shrink wrap or soldering needed. Designed to be simple and reliable.

    Tank. This kit comes with a 1 gallon tank or you can upgrade to our 1.5 G trunkmount, 2.3 G pro tank or you can choose no tank and use your windshield washer tank (fitting included).

    Low level fluid switch. This low level fluid switch is included and will trip your failsafe if you run low.
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